Casting ‘100’ with AsCend Physical Theatre

Our hugely successful audition process for our Autumn tour of ‘100’ is drawing to an end and we are extremely happy to be in a position where there is so much talent to choose from.

AsCend Physical TheatreThe actors came very prepared with some unique interpretations of the pieces we had sent ahead for them to prepare. Thank you to: Arts University of Bournemouth, BA Hons Acting and Head of Course, Doug Cockle for supporting our AsCend Graduate Progression pilot project, the experienced professional actors we saw that day, everyone who either  took part or helped facilitate these workshops including our co-director of ‘100’, Mr Peter John Cooper,  and for a fantastic array of Jabberwocky recitals!


AsCend Physical Theatre Rehearsal

We have only one role left to fill now and are thrilled to welcome Maya Aitken and Ellis J Wells to the cast. Looking forward to getting physical! Cue Olivia Newton John tune……






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