AsCend ‘100’ Poster Photo shoot


AsCend Physical Theatre, 100

The day dawned Wednesday 5th June. As director of 100, Jackie was prepared and raring to go, her lovely husband Rob came along too, helping Jackie to realise her powerful vision for the poster for AsCend Physical Theatre’s inaugural play ‘100’; and Andy Sherlock an amazingly creative, professional photographer was primed and prepared;  I had confirmed the space, and Mark Tattersall of Dorchester Arts Centre had given the thumbs up in total support.  Jackie, Rob and I were joined by Maya Aitkin and Ellis J Wells; two talented actors we have cast; Maya is one of our scouted Graduates (Arts University Bournemouth Performing Arts 2013) given the opportunity of of a first job, a springboard into the theatre profession by AsCend; and Ellis already has a wonderful CV well on the way. Nellie Cordelia Freestone came for work-experience, giving us the benefit of her  make-up skills from a final year at Yeovil College with bruises, burns and scars to ‘die for’ – after all this play is about taking a memory into Eternity; but enough of that – no more or we will spoil the play for you! Dates and venues to follow shortly.

Photo shoots take time to set up; but  if you are patient –  getting the lighting, set, and  positions of  ( in this case)  five characters just right – the shoot itself  is slick;  and with a professional-artist such as photographer, Andy Sherlock on board, confident, skilled actors and a determinedly committed director the result is stunning. I hope you agree.

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