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Dr Marie Stopes transformed how we think about sex forever. Hailed as one of the most controversial women of the 20th century, her strong views on sex and contraception provided women with a graphic understanding of the physiology, pleasure, and consequences of sex. Whilst her books were all vilified by the Catholic Church their relevance is still discussed today. Much is known about her work but who was the real Marie Stopes?
Escaping the Storm sees Stopes during her time at her rugged Island retreat of Portland. There she enjoys writing poetry, exploring the island’s rich Jurassic fossil forests, skinny dipping and mingling with the locals.
Fascinating, forceful, formidable, the complexity of Marie Stopes’ private world is as gripping as her public story.
The show, written by Peter John Cooper is the first play written about this controversial woman. It will premiere on the 15th of October as part of the Dr Marie Stopes’ Weekend Festival organised by the Portland Museum to mark the 100 year anniversary since the publication of her best-selling book, Married Love.
Escaping the Storm is produced by Dorset’s award winning, AsOne theatre company, in association with The Portland Museum, and the adjacent Pennsylvania (Castle) Estate.
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Touring Again from April 2019 MARY ANNING’S FOSSIL DEPOT

“Can I just say how blown away I was by the event. I have to say I went with little expectation and was well…. totally amazed. The children were totally drawn into the event and the life of Mary. There was so much information on Mary’s life and what she achieved in such a short space of time. The audience interaction along with the story telling was a perfect match. I would not hesitate to recommend a performance by your company. Well done to both Jane and EltJo a truly amazing show. Thank you.”

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Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot

It is said that Mary Anning, born in Lyme Regis in 1799, was a placid baby; then struck by lightning she became bright and talkative. Not only did little Mary survive, but at 11 years old she & her brother Joseph found the first complete Ichthyosaur fossil. Self-taught, Mary went on to be an inspiration, shaking the 19th Century world of science. ‘Mary Anning Fossil Depot’ is an, entertaining performance, packed-full of interactive fun, facts, & adventure on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. Mary, aided & abetted by her brother Joseph, looks back at an inspiring life led with a passion for hunting & understanding fossils; struggles with poverty & self-education. This special story is interwoven by a string of ‘Curios’ – small fossils which Mary & Joseph introduce for the children to handle: ‘Snakestones’, ‘Devil’s Toenails’, ‘Ladies Fingers’ – each sold for a penny by the Anning’s to put food on the table. Mary Anning went on to prove with desire and determination, whoever you are, you can achieve great things.

Libraries & Schools Live Tour – Free Theatre for all Children




Fisherman's Daughter Basic 2_edited-1‘I’ve heard nothing but wonderful reviews for the Fisherman’s Daughter.’

Touring again due to it’s big success with audiencesartscouncillogo


Feb-March 2017 – Theatres, Libraries & Primary Schools

Part I Sea-Monsters & Pirates

‘Through a chance meeting – with middle aged, redundant librarian, Moira and a hilarious, one-legged seagull, Harold – ten year old Jess discovers the healing magic of books. Waiting for her fisherman father ‘s return one stormy night, young Jess faces her fears dreaming of shipwrecks, sea-monsters, treasure, & survival. A rollicking adventure with literacy and an inter-generational exchange at its heart.’

Part II Jess’s Odyssey

The Fisherman’s Daughter Jess loves reading but Homer’s Odyssey confuses her. Up pops a stranger, who just happens to have the same name as the author. Homer, a Greek boy from a trawler in the harbour, holds a very bedraggled one legged seagull he has rescued from the water. All three go on an Odyssey. But where is the colourful librarian, Moira?  



AsOne’s Artistic Director, Jane McKell said:

“The audiences invited, love making the sounds of the storm, the waves, the wind, and seagulls; for each and everyone there are characters to empathise with. One father said: ‘My daughter loved it. Even grumpy grandpas thought it was brill.’ It’s been a joy hearing families leave the theatre chatting away about what they have seen and enjoyed together. The piece has real heart and is cleverly written with several layers for adults, children, and toddlers to engage with.”

With funding from Arts Council of England, the original play was commissioned by Weymouth’s Leviathan Maritime Literary Festival last Easter 2016; is returning to the 2017 Festival; and has toured to packed libraries, schools and theatres this year.

available for your theatre, primary school, library, literary festival or community space

If you are a school or theatre we are booking now – tel: 01305 835541 / 07778737700





Interspersed by a tour of Primary Schools


01225463362imary Schools

James Farquharson Weymouth Leviathan Maritime Literary Festival Founder:

‘I’ve heard nothing but wonderful reviews for the Fisherman’s Daughter. Apart from everyone else, my eldest daughter and father in law attended the 14:30 pm. She loved it, especially the bit where she had to make storm noises, and even grumpy old grandpops was very energised by the experience,”It was brilliant,” he said.’ 

Originally Commissioned by The Leviathan Weymouth – Maritime Literary Festival 12-13 March 2016

Various premiere Leviathan audience members:Brilliant’, ‘Better than a visit to the doctors’, ‘Harold was hilarious’, ‘Two very talented performers’, ‘A wonderful play, both touching and very funny’ ‘Very striking, stripped-back set.’

FishermansDaughter-4 cropped



Spring February – April 2017

A double-bill: The Fisherman’s Daughter and Jess’s Odyssey

( coming next February, a companion piece to The Fisherman’s Daughter, Jess’s Odyssey – enquire on the numbers above)



Jess’s Odyssey

Fisherman’s Daughter Jess now loves reading, and books fill the hours of waiting for her dad. But reading Homer’s Odyssey strange words, names and places confuse her. Frustrated she throws down the book and up pops a stranger who just happens to share the name of the writer. Homer is a Greek boy from a trawler moored in the harbour.  He tells Jess that a woman, Moira, has been kidnapped and held below decks.  Jess is in disbelief until he produces a bedraggled Harold, the one legged seagull.  They revive Harold, and all three set off on their own odyssey to rescue Moira.

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