Another Opening Another Show – ‘100’ is born.

On 14.09.13 @ 8.00 pm ‘100’ was born.

We  opened AsCend physical theatre’s ‘100’ to a packed studio auditorium, not another chair could have been fitted in the space at Dorchester Arts Centre. The DAC Artistic Director, Mark Tattershall has supported AsOne with the AsCend project with use of the space leading up to our opening for both a photo shoot, and then a set development half day. Mark was delighted with the resulting performance, audience numbers and the show’s effect. 50% of the audience stayed for the second half Q & A which was also very well received. On exit audience members said things like: ‘…engaging and thought provoking’, ‘…original’, ‘…it made me reassess life’, …’brilliant theatre’, ‘…utterly professional’, ‘ …before the show I could not pick a memory, now I know what it would be!’

The cast and crew are buzzing, and looking forward to a tour to remember. Happy days 🙂

To hear what DAC AD, Mark Tattershall said click on these two links:


Come and see us at your nearest venue:

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