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Award winning AsOne Theatre Company proudly present its newest venture: a new branch to the company AsCend led by Jackie Avery BA PGCE; an experienced theatre practitioner, and AsOne Theatre‘s new associate partner and project leader for AsCend’s inaugural production.

 AsCend is an exciting extension to our work; the performances created explore existing text as well as new devised writing but will always be created physically and artistically by the Ensemble. We intend to include a new graduate – theatre practitioners as apprentices to work alongside experienced professionals (either performers/directors/designers/technicians or stage managers) to give them an opportunity to further develop whilst working; and giving an experienced helping hand into the business. AsOne will be interviewing and auditioning in June. email: jane@as-onetheatre.co.uk if you are interested.

AsCend has chosen Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan, and Christopher Heimann’s thought provoking ‘100’ as its first touring production. ‘100’ is a magical, moving piece, with four characters forced to make a vital decision – to choose one, evocative memory to carry into eternity. Simple ensemble storytelling; with inventive design, an emphasis on quality, contemporary, multi-media performance, and a strong connection to our audience.

AsCend is touring late September through to late November 2013, and would love to come to your theatre. We also offer an optional audience Q & A post-performance; this comes at no extra-cost.


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