Autumn 28 September – 10 November 2021

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‘another universal Dorset story from great story tellers’

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Spring 2022

Parallel very participatory primary school show:


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A 19th Century tale of fossil hunting, science, religion and remarkable achievement. Mary and her brother Joseph Anning tell the incredible story of a journey to enlightenment; a woman in a world of men, religion and emerging science. The first true female palaeontologist whose finds – named by the male collectors who afforded them were a passion and a means of survival for her. Born in 1799, Mary survived being truck by lightning as a babe in arms, and many cliff falls as she worked in wind and rain over the years. Her faithful dog Tray died in such a fall. Mary Anning went on to discover many now famous marine fossils in her Jurassic Coast home, Dorset’s  Lyme Regis. She learned to read and write herself in Sunday school as girls were not formally educated and yet many men travelled across Europe, including the King of Saxony, to find her shop and ask her questions. The locals called her ‘the mad woman of Lyme’ – she was indeed no ordinary woman.

Children get to help Mary and Joseph make a giant size jigsaw Plesiosaur; wield Mary’s heavy tools; and handle many small real fossils. A very funny, affecting, engaging fact packed show with plenty of interaction and chances to ask or answer questions. There is an education pack provided before hand and additional workshop on offer.

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