Library Live 2018

Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot – The spring tour of Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot has just concluded with its final performances at Bath libraries, to great acclaim. One librarian said;  “I was a teacher for 16 years hosting many theatre companies visits to schools – unfortunately not yours, as this was the best I have ever seen”.  Another teacher commented “What a lovely, lovely way to learn”. The clever script by Peter John Cooper was perfectly balanced to appeal to all ages with a mix of humour and historical facts – fossils, fun and factoids.  Over 2,000 children in 25 Libraries across 3 counties have enjoyed free theatre during this season, although schools are still able to book a visit to the Mary’s Fossil Factory until July. Plans are already underway for next seasons ‘Library Live’.

Library Live 2018 – ACE – AsOne Theatre Company is pleased to announce its successful grant application as matched funding from Arts Council England – The National Lottery, together with West Dorset District Council Small Arts Grants,  to support its 2018 Library Live tour of Mary Anning’s Fossil Depot. The ‘Library Live’ project brings live theatre to local libraries with a mandate to provide theatre which is both accessible and free to all children. It tours Libraries and schools throughout Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire during February and March 2018.  Following recent auditions the role of Joseph is to be played by the experienced actor Eltjo De Vries and the role of Mary by Jane McKell. The new 50 minute play has been written and directed by Peter John Cooper and follows his successful ‘The Fisherman’s Daughter’ for Library Live last year.

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