Casting ‘tinderbox’

So after the last month or so of watching and working with some great acting talent, some with years of experience and some just graduating we are delighted to announce our final ensemble line up for our autumn tour of ‘tinderbox’. So with no further ado we would like to introduce……

Ap_OpOsb  Jessica Chloe Young

Jessica joins us fresh from the Arts University Bournemouth where she has just completed her BA (hons) Acting degree. Our first AsCend intern this year Jessica promises to be our perfect ‘unlikely’ princess. Good to have you Jessica.


11393061_752189374878244_5790727516140830295_n  Laurence Aldridge

Laurence has a wealth of experience as an actor-musician and we are very happy to count him as one of our ensemble members. Laurence is also currently touring with his folk/rock duo Jack of All throughout the midlands.


john-hatziemmanuel-full.1428421414  John Hatziemmanuel

Our second AsCend intern John has recently concluded his final year at Arts University Bournemouth, BA (hons) Acting and impressed us at his audition with his skill and enthusiasm to progress his actor-musicianship. Welcome aboard John.


We were very privileged to work with some wonderful actor-musicians and skilled graduates throughout this process and as writer and director of tinderbox i was thrilled to have some of my words lifted off the page and given life for the first time at these auditions. It was also a great experience to have the characters i had envisioned in my head challenged – telling me “…actually, how would we look if this person played us instead?” – i believe that in answering this question we have been left with a stand-out cast. Very much looking forward to rehearsals!

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