if you belong to mandy actors networking site or instructions below how to audition

Immersive Theatre actors required for a fabulous job! Three gender neutral roles and one female identifying

12-days-work – good daily rates WAY ABOVE minimum wage.

Stranger Things are Happening Down on the Farm in Bincombe. The Amazing Maize OZ Maze has appeared – blown in by a Kansas tornado!
Does it lead to the Emerald City? Is the Wicked Witch of the West stalking its stalks?
Who will Dorothy meet along the way, to seek the wisdom of Wizard of OZ at its centre?
Will she ever get out of the Maize? Or return to Home Sweet Home after her adventure?
AsOne theatre company is looking for four characters – Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion – to help families find their way whilst vanquishing the Wicked Witch of the West. Water pistols may be involved! (Dorset or SW or W England based actors preferred but not limited to).
Great storytelling, character, and improvisational – skills are required. A wonderful way with all ages of children and parents – patience, diplomacy, and most of all a sense of fun whilst in a character. You must come with skills to be believable.
How to apply: email – Info@as-onetheatre.co.uk
Asking for script for characters and then make a self-tape giving your name, and saying why you’d like this chosen role in a few words – Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, or Dorothy then use appropriate role script in this doc. Get someone to read-in the other role/s off camera. (Kansas accents preferred for self- tapes.)
One day rehearsal date tbc. Probs the Day before the job commences. Paid at the same rate. Job dates: Sun 24, Fri 29, Sun 31 July; Fri 05, Sun 07, Fri 12, Sun 14, Fri 19, Sun 21, Fri 26, Sun 28 August 2022 Hours: 3.00 – 8.00 pm £75 min and £90 max. For a five to 6-hour day. Dependent on training and experience.
If preferred this job is on mandy actors networking site – under The Amazing Maize OZ Maze – AsOne theatre company hiring https://mandy.com/job/2464868/ 


N.B. For our last round of auditions over 3000 actors looked at our ad on Casting Call Pro; submitted CV’s, from which we selected 24 mature actors to audition for two to play four mature roles between them. So, if you have an audition slot given you, please understand the advertising, selection and contacting process is a long and at times mind boggling arduous one shuffling the schedule about to suit both sides of the ‘casting table’. We are fun, courteous, kind, open and willing actors to be brilliant. Auditionees are given some 25 minutes to show us their talents and skills. We all believe that it is a privilege to be entertained so wonderfully as we choose our cast.

So- please, please understand – it is also YOUR privilege to be chosen for audition, and a reminder that many very, talented actors loose out, and we have half an hour wasted if you don’t turn up without letting us know. So if you cannot make it for whatever reason – please let us know o mob. tel.0777 873 7700 – we are not that scary!


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