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Multi award winning AsOne needs your help with funding our AsOne-AsCend Internship Programme for recent graduate  theatre practitioners to further their training and experience in a funded Internship . AsOne hold the last SW Arts & Business Award for our partnerships with Dorset Businesses. There are all sorts of client and staff reward opportunities with launch events,  premier performances as well as fantastic heightened branding travelling throughout eight counties including big cities such as London, Bristol and Bath as well as Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Young people to day find it increasingly difficult to get that springboard first professional job. We want to do this with in-service training, mentoring and support. We want to pay their accomodation, day to day living expenses and give them a minimum wage for theatre work whether they are performing, designing, lighting or stage-managing whilst touring our latest production -PASSION. They get to work with our talented and highly experienced Creative team, an invaluable opportunity that many would wait several years to achieve.


The recordings of real voices – the research to gather stories forPASSION – will become a legacy telling their own, their family’s or ancestor’s story. These recordings will be edited and uploaded as pod-casts on the internet for future generations to have access to. Please contact us via:  PASSION – the story of love and war 100 years apart interweaves two wars – The Great War and the present Afghanistan Conflict through the eyes of Wessex people. See our  production- present – page for more information. PASSION will tour 18 theatres in October/November this year – 2014 – with a planned parallel radio play, and documentary in the offing too.

YOUR THEATRE COMPANY NEEDS YOU! So sign up now. or call us on:

01305 835541/ 07778737700

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