AsCend’s Talented Interns

1/3 of our Kickstarter goal is pledged but unless we achieve £850 in the next eight days we will not receive the money pledged. The rules are just that all our chosen goal pledged or nothing! Two weeks this Monday we begin our journey with AsCend physical theatre – the springboard project for our two chosen graduates rehearsing for two weeks along with three experienced actors, director and technicians. The premiere of our play ‘100’ is on Saturday 14 September then we tour a dozen venues, a mixture of art centres, colleges, schools and a couple of larger theatres.

We are a tiny unfunded company (Arts Council of England is inundated and can only give to 30% of the applications passed as worthy). However because of our good name we are  supported by business partners who are wonderful, and with their small investments from £50 – £750 we have raised a further £1325 and rising which covers our marketing costs – posters, flyers and media telephone calls.

Please tell your friends about our graduate scheme and ask them to consider pledging to our Kickstarter . Just give them this link:

We are so grateful to you. And will post photos and rehearsal and show updates. Just 9 day to go for pledges. Thank you to you! 🙂

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