Auditions for the next Production ‘Mary Anning the Mad Woman of Lyme’ took place in Weymouth on 6-7th January 2020 and the full cast for the next production will be announced shortly. (1M 2 FM).

For our last round of auditions over 3000 actors looked at our ad on Casting Call Pro; submitted CV’s, from which we selected 24 mature actors to audition for two to play four mature roles between them. So if you have an audition slot given you , please understand the advertising, selection and contacting  process is a long and at times mind boggling arduous one shuffling the schedule about to suit both sides of the ‘casting table’. Actually we have dispensed with the table, we are courteous, kind, open and willing actors to be brilliant. Auditionees are given some 25 minutes to show us their talents and skills. We all believe to a man and woman that it is a privilege to be entertained so wonderfully as we choose our cast.

So-  please, please understand – it is also YOUR privilege to be chosen for audition and a reminder that some 66 actors lost out to your precious, hard won slot. So if you cannot make it for whatever reason – please let us know o mob. tel.0777 873 7700!


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