Written by Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan, and Christopher Heimann

Directed by Jacqueline Avery and Peter John Cooper 

Cast: Maya Aitken, Ellis J Wells, Mainga Mayeya Jane McKell and Jacqueline Avery

Design: Jacqueline Avery 

Animation: Thomas Hughes 

Music: Simon Swarbrick

Toured autumn 2013

Award winning AsOne Theatre Company presented it new venture in 2013:  AsCend Physical Theatre which chose Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan, and Christopher Heimann’s thought provoking ‘100’ as its first touring production. Imagine you had to choose just one memory to take into eternity, and that you would re-live that treasured memory afresh, experiencing it as for the first time over and over and over. That is what four characters are urged  to do by a mysterious other – to a count of ‘100’! This singular decision turns out to be far more difficult than any can imagine. It challenges the way each have lived, loved, observed, and even valued life itself; there are implications none would have guessed. What memory would you choose?

“.. It is a tiny, huge, simple, complex play that touched me in places I didn’t even know I had. (…) This play moved me more profoundly than anything I can remember seeing in theatre..’  The Scotsman.

The Cast

 Photographs from the technical rehearsal – click on a thumbnail to launch a slideshow.

All photos of the technical rehearsal © Andy Sherlock


AsCend Physical Theatre Rehearsal AsCend Physical theatre Rehearsal  AsCend Physical Theatre RehearsalAsCend Physical Theatre